Dear Patients of Spectrum, Even though we are firmly into the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, British Columbia continues to do comparatively well on a per-capita basis when matched against other regions.  We owe this to the measures that we all continue to take to minimize our risk of acquiring the virus or passing it […]

Dear Spectrum Patients, We know there have been a lot of questions regarding the flu vaccine this season and want to provide an update now that we have information and recommendations to pass along. Unfortunately, due to the small size of our waiting room and the necessity of physical distancing, we are not able to offer […]

Dear Patients of Spectrum, We are now into our 7th month of living through COVID-19 and facing ongoing challenges such as returning to school or the workplace, or even simply learning how to tolerate wearing a face mask.  At Spectrum one of our recent obstacles has been managing the significant increase in telephone calls now that most […]

Dear Patients of Spectrum, Although British Columbia still sets an example for managing the spread of COVID-19 we are now seeing an uptick of cases around the province. This should serve as a reminder that COVID-19 is still circulating and we must remain vigilant to prevent the expansive growth in cases we see even just […]

Dear Patients of Spectrum, To mask or not to mask just might be the question of this pandemic. While initially mask wearing was discouraged due to a lack of evidence that they were protective, it is now clear that they have a role in the prevention of COVID-19 transmission. We strongly recommend that you wear […]

Dear Patients of Spectrum, Finally, some good news! Premier John Horgan recently announced the gradual easing of restrictions on social interactions in British Columbia starting mid-May. BC stands out as a relative success story in the control of COVID-19 with the lowest mortality rate of any jurisdiction in North America or Europe with a population […]

Dear Patients of Spectrum, It wasn’t long ago that I uncomfortably watched footage of shoppers overseas waiting in long lines to enter a grocery one by one under the eye of security. It seemed impossible to me that COVID-19 would generate an equivalent disruption here in Canada – and even more impossible that we could […]