New Spectrum Health Patient Portal

Dear patients,

We would like to thank you for being patient with us while we transition to MYLE, our new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) program.

Since the old Patient Portal has been deactivated, we highly encourage you to create your account with our new MYLE Patient Portal. Click the link below to create your new account. Please bookmark the address for future use.

Once our new EMR is fully functional, we will link your newly created MYLE Patient Portal account to your medical chart. Please allow us to do this within the next few weeks. 

The MYLE Patient Portal will enable you to book your regular office visits and phone consultations. You’ll be able to view your lab results and documents if they are published to the Patient Portal. Alternatively you can sign up with

to view lab results.

Our new EMR will allow you to receive appointment notifications and confirmations by email / text message.  An exciting new feature is our MYLE kiosk. The kiosk will allow you to self-check in for your appointment and update your demographics, all by simply scanning your health card. Please give it a try next time you’re in for your appointment!

Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding while we adapt to our new EMR.

– Spectrum Health Team

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