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What are the clinic hours?

We are open Monday to Friday and closed on weekends and statutory holidays. Clinic is open at 8am and closes at 5pm. Phone lines are open from 9am – 5pm.


What is a STI Self-Testing Kit? Can you make the kit for me before I come in?

If you would like to be tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia, we can give you a STI self-testing kit. The kit has 2 swabs, 1 urine sample container and instruction sheet on how to self-swab for the test. We do not pre-make these kits: please come in and ask reception and we’ll make it for you then. If you want to be tested for HIV and syphilis, we’ll give you a bloodwork requisition. Please pay particular attention to which swabs to use – read the information sheet if you have any questions.


I am HIV positive, how do I fill my HIV medication?

Do you blood work as discussed with your doctor.

If you pick up your HIV medication from Spectrum Health, you need to call us to book an appointment with the pharmacist. Due to limited availability, it is best that you book in advance.

If you pick up your medication from St. Paul’s pharmacyat least 1 week before your medications run out, book an appointment with a pharmacist by calling 604-806-8060 ext 2. If you are part of the No Appointment Necessary (NAN) program, pls call 604-806-8151 ext 3.

Afterwards, you must either book an appointment with your doctor to review your results and get a prescription OR call us to request your prescription, which we will fax directly to St. Paul’s pharmacy. We require a 48-hour notice.You will need a prescription EACH time you refill your medications. 


I am on PrEP, how do I fill my PrEP medication?

You need to have your blood work done.

You must call us to request your prescription which we will fax to St. Paul’s pharmacy. We require a 48-hour notice. You will need a prescription EACH time you refill your medication. 

Afterwards, you have to call St. Paul’s pharmacy by calling 604-806-8081. Leave a voicemail with your full name, date of birth, personal health number (PHN), telephone number, and your pickup date. They require a 3-5 business day notice.


I’m running out of my HIV/PreP medication before my next pickup.  What do I do?

You may get a 2-week emergency “TOP-UP” supply from St. Paul’s Pharmacy. Please go to the pharmacy directly with your ID and PHN and they will provide you the supply.


How do I refill my other medications? (Not for HIV or PrEP)

Please contact your local pharmacy to start the request. Your pharmacy will then fax us the request, and we will process it for your doctor to authorize. Once approved, we fax it back directly to them. We require a 48-hour notice for all refill requests. Refills faxed on Friday afternoon may not be processed until the following business day.


Why can’t I see my blood work results on my Patient Portal?

Unlike our previous Patient Portal, we now have to manually publish each file onto your Patient Portal. If you would like a certain file to be uploaded, we will gladly do so, but we are unable to upload every single file that you had previously had access to. Please note that we have requested this feature (automated posting of labs to the portal) be added to our new EMR, but it may be 6-12 months for all feature requests to be assessed.

Alternatively, you may sign up for Lifelab’s My Care Compass to view your lab results. You will be able to see the results once they are ready. Please note some infectious disease results like syphilis testing and HIV viral load will not appear on My Care Compass unfortunately.


I would like to send a form to my doctor to fill out. What is the email address?

The email address is:

Please make sure your portion of the form is completed. Fill in your name and your signature authorizing your doctor to fill out form.

This email is only for incoming documents/pictures for your doctors to review for your appointment. Do not use this email address for medical advice or to request to book appointments.

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